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Looking for that dream neighbourhood that’s home to a growing roster of exciting things to do, both indoors and out? Then this is just the ticket for you. In Centretown, you can tend to your community garden plot one day and play a curling match the next. Yoga on Parliament Hill during lunch and craft cocktails at Union 613 after work — Centretown is the place with the buzz, weekdays and weekends, summer and winter. It means having enough time on your walk to work to stop for a latte, or being close enough to the best restaurants that even on a late night at the office you have time to grab a bite.


In recent years, Ottawa has seen a surge of young professionals flocking to Centretown craving that hip downtown vibe in a more intimate atmosphere that’s missing from bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver. With this recent surge comes a welcome effort by business owners to cater to the needs of the new market. Not only are local businesses constantly opening new ventures, but they have taken on the responsibility of building and promoting community spirit through local events and promotions.

National Capital Craft Beer Week not only celebrates the region’s rich brewing heritage and exciting current offerings, but also honours the essentials to enjoying a great beer: food pairings and the right environment. Jazzfest takes place in one of Ottawa’s central green spaces, conveniently located across the street from many hotels and shops. Ottawa Race Weekend, Bluefest and Canada Day are among the numerous other festivals that draw thousands from across Ottawa and other cities to come together and celebrate art, culture and community.

Centretown’s revitalization has not only caught the attention of the locals, but also of the nation. With a $450 million dollar development, Centretown will play host to the CFL in 2014 when the new 24,000 seat Lansdowne Stadium opens. Football fans will be able to tailgate on their patio a celebratory drink of choice.

Conveniently located between the Glebe, Westboro and the Market, Centretown is well placed for those who drive, walk or bike. You have your choice of grocery stores or farmers markets, casual diners or gourmet restaurants, yoga or kickboxing. With all of this and more, Centretown is the place where lifestyles are crafted and memories are made.

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What's Where?

Area Map
Future LRT

Right Outside Your Door

Introducing the new LRT line that will make it even easier to commute around the city, from home to work, and of course to your favourite place of leisure. Just minutes away from The Bowery, you are located in the ideal spot for a convenient hop on, hop off service to your desired destination. This world-class transit system means that you will arrive where you need to be on time, with a planned peak capacity of 10,700 passengers per hour and a promise of short commute times.

Beyond Centretown

Beyond Centretown

Ottawa’s Centretown is home to some of the finest outdoor amenities found not only in the city, but in the entire nation. It is a year-round escape from the ordinary, a playground of vibrant activities in your own backyard.

Skating on the Rideau Canal is the epitome of the Canadian lifestyle – chic, active and beautiful. Six months later, it’s the perfect locale for a quick morning jog before heading out to work, past manicured trails and parklands. If a year-round, active outdoor lifestyle is what you are looking for, Centretown has it.

Biking along the Canal has its own distinctive charm, and you don’t even need to own a bike; you can rent one from one of the nine Bixi stations set up throughout Centretown.

The lush green carpet of Parliament Hill becomes the world’s biggest outdoor yoga mat throughout the summer. Bring a friend and your inner zen to partake along with a thousand others; balance mind, body and spirit against one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world.

For a truly luxurious experience, the finest way to enjoy Ottawa’s waterways is by boat. Sail in through the historic lock system which connects Kingston on Lake Ontario to Ottawa through a chain of lakes, rivers and canals. The locks are in use since 1832 and though the system has remained nearly the same, the views along the way have changed dramatically.

You can spend your summer afternoons on the Canal admiring the historic views of Parliament, the old Ottawa train station and the Chateau Laurier, before stopping in for dinner at one of the many fine or casual restaurants lining the waterway.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy Ottawa’s outdoors, there is an activity to suit all interests and a location with a stunning backdrop to do it in.