Introducing The Bowery

Playful and fun, but also smart and sophisticated, a whole new way of rethinking urban chic.

An Address can say where you live, or who you are.

Introducing The Bowery Condominiums + Lofts. Think New York pizzazz meets Ottawa panache. Atmospheric post-industrial architecture, eye-popping cosmopolitan lobby, and a street presence that’ll make you stop and go hmmm… The Bowery will offer a superb selection of modern suites and full-on amenities like a party room and fitness centre.

The ultimate walk-in draw’s got to be the edgy, over-the-top (literally, it’s on the rooftop) pool and lounge. The Bowery is a place that speaks to you and your unique take on life. A place that lets you live and play by your own rules. A great Centretown address at the heart of a vibrant capital metropolis humming with intellectual debate, world-class museums and stunning nature.

The Bowery Condos + Lofts - Exterior

Rod Lahey / Principal, Roderick Lahey Architect Inc.

Direct from NYC, an eclectic design language.

Long before Broadway became Manhattan’s signature avenue, Bowery Street was New York’s most elegant street, lined with grand theaters, soaring banks and fashionable shops. Its post industrial revivalist architecture featured a timeless façade of brownstone brick and steel that gave substance and character to the streetscape.

That distinctive architectural language is now the subject of an animated conversation at the corner of Bay and Gloucester. Welcome to The Bowery Condominiums. An address at the intersection of past and future in a neighbourhood that’s embracing tomorrow while anchored in traditional charm.

At 18 storeys, The Bowery has an impressive street presence. But what makes it truly remarkable is the palette of different materials used to make a statement of eclectic design. “We have focused on this juxtaposition of dissimilar materials and textures to demonstrate how old and new can coexist to the mutual benefit of both,” says The Bowery’s lead architect Rod Lahey.

Stone blocks flank black anodized curtain wall framing and polished plate glass gleams beside stainless steel set into granite slabs. A charcoal black brick podium anchors the tower to the street. "A variety of materials have been used to tell The Bowery’s story of change and rebirth," continues Lahey. "A dramatic fusion of stone, glass and steel that Ottawa has never seen before." The amenity floor at the top of the building features an oversized cantilevered canopy, which defines the building on the skyline while at the same time protecting the roof garden.

Granted, the inspiration came from New York. But ultimately, The Bowery is about history, a sense of time and place, an urban oasis in a trendy, emerging neighbourhood. So completely Ottawa, we think.

A variety of materials have been used to tell The Bowery’s story of change and rebirth — a dramatic fusion of stone, glass and steel that Ottawa has never seen before.Rod Lahey
Principal, Roderick Lahey Architect Inc.