The Team Behind The Bowery

The Richcraft. Roderick Lahey Architect Inc. Union31. Montana Steele.


Over 30 years ago, Kris Singhal started Richcraft with a singular passion for custom-building signature homes in some of Ottawa’s most desirable neighbourhoods. His unwaveringly high standards, commitment to fairness and integrity and ability to think big, has elevated Richcraft to a well-deserved position of leadership in the industry.

Signature of Excellence

Richcraft designs spaces with heart and builds homes with feeling. Its reputation for award-winning quality is never taken for granted. Richcraft offers the best home ownership experience in the National Capital Region because the company firmly believes that its customers deserve nothing less.

Richcraft homes are stylishly liveable, refreshingly uncomplicated and delightfully functional. Coming home to Richcraft means enjoying unparalleled craftsmanship and expertly designed living areas. Over the years, Richcraft has been honoured with an impressive collection of awards conferred by industry peers in recognition of superior quality, design and customer experience.

Today, thousands of families are living their dream in a Richcraft home, in neighbourhoods as diverse as Downtown Ottawa, Ottawa East, Spring Ridge, Notting Hill, Trailedge, Ottawa South, Riverside South, Woodroffe Estates and Kanata Lakes, Brookside and many more. Some of Richcraft’s most successful and distinguished condo developments include the Laurier, Place Des Gouverneurs, and Galleria 1 and 2.

Richcraft’s vision for The Bowery is to create a trendsetting Centretown address that people will get excited about and ardently want to be a part of; a place that residents feel good about and proud to live in. In short, a true Richcraft landmark that speaks to their high standards of quality and urban design.

Roderick Lahey Architect Inc.

Founded in 1991, Roderick Lahey Architect Inc. focuses on urban architecture and design for residential, commercial, and institutional interests. The principal, Roderick Lahey, graduated from the Carleton University School of Architecture in 1980 and is professionally accredited by the Ontario Architecture Association, is a Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects.

Recent residential/institutional low and high rise condominium buildings, low and high rise apartment buildings, and seniors residences have resulted in the provision of over two-thousand residential units in the National Capital Region in the last five years. Recent mixed use developments in Ottawa’s ByWard Market have garnered recognition from heritage associations for contextual infill. The award winning firm of Roderick Lahey Architect Inc. continues to foster an interest in the design and development of projects that are challenging and rewarding in their scope and resolution.


As one of Toronto’s hottest interior design firms, UNION31 believes good design should be thought provoking; where good communication is as much about listening as it is about speaking. Informed by over 31 years of experience and proven accomplishments, this culmination of talent, knowledge and astute business acumen is UNION31.

Good design satisfies the senses and is functional. UNION31’s designs enhance a client’s lifestyle and add value to the bottom line. Finally, good design is not predictable, rather finding opportunity in the unexpected to create something that is memorable. UNION31’s authenticity and passion manifests itself in the details, omitting the irrelevant and leaving only the essential. Pure and simple.

Montana Steele

Over the last 20 years, dedication, energy and analysis have guided Montana Steele to create real estate brands that are truly magnetic. This award-winning, Toronto based advertising agency is today one of the foremost names in the new home development business. With its impressive client list that includes some of North America’s largest developers, Montana Steele is an agency committed to creating communication that is both original and effective.

At Richcraft we take excellence seriously. We are passionate about building homes of distinction, developing neighbourhoods and creating community. We believe that homes are more than four walls and a roof. Our home is the place where we nurture our life, a place that we yearn to come home to.Kris Singhal
President, Richcraft Group of Companies